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Company Overview

Chief Executive Officer
Shinya Ebina
Since its establishment in 1946, Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd continues meeting the frontier needs of surface treatment by making many studies on technology development, innovation, and continually and predicting change in the market. Particularly, we receive high praise from the customer as the top tier for the process by “electro plating” and “electro less plating” and also the control level industry. They are based on the demand for high quality such as adhesion, corrosion resistance, and precision.
As a company which acquired the ISO9001 and 14001, we will keep analysis and control as our core and develop technology to pioneer efforts for quality, cost, delivery, and removing harmful chemicals. Also, to become number one in the industry, we will proceed as the front line for surface technology by being quick to respond to change, and having a keen look on the future.

Trade name

Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Business type

Electroplating and electroless plating on various materials for all business


Shinya Ebina, Chief Executive Officer
Hidetoshi Ebina, Executive Director
Kosuke Ebina, General Manager

Head office address

5-22-13 Higashikojiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0033, Japan( Map
TEL +81-3-3742-0107 FAX +81-3-3745-5476


November 15th, 1946


\ 10,000,000


100(55 men / 45 women)

Our Bank

Tokyo mitsubishi UFJ bank front of kamata station branch office
Tokyo mitsubishi UFJ bank haneda branch office


ISO9001 / ISO14001
Authentication office: Head office


The second courageous management awards, outstanding performance award (2004)
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry selected us for courageously challenging in a difficult business environment for small and medium enterprises.

Manufacturing energetically for small and medium enterprises 300 companies (2006)
Ministry of economy, trade and industry for small and medium enterprise agency selected us for 300 small and medium enterprises with their own high-technology.

Diversity Management 100 selection (2015)
Ministry of economy, trade and industry selected us for 100 companies that improved corporate value by Diversity Management to take advantage of a variety of human resources.

Work-Life Balance

We are promoting a work-life balance for employees to build an environment in which it is possible to achieve both the child-raising and work, by registering in the “the tokyo next generation development support companies“.


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