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Company History

1946 Nov.

Current adviser Heikichi Ebina founds “Ebina plating factory” in Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo (15 November 1946).

1953 Aug.

We reorganize the corporate union capital 1 million yen, and rename the company “Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.”. At the same time, we transfer the plant to the current headquarters.

1957 Dec.

Increases the capital to 4 million yen.

1960 Sep.

We build a “Kamata factory” in Ota-ku, Tokyo Nishikojiya 3-chome. We start mass production of hard chrome plating and improve the quality of production by the automation of copper-nickel-chrome plating. We start the double nickel plating for back mirrors of motorcycles and the tri-nickel plating for water washing clasps.

1964 Feb.

Increases the capital to 10 million yen.

1967 Aug.

We develop the plating technique on plastic substrates, start the business of copper – nickel – chromium plating onto plastics substrates “the decorative plating” in the Kamata factory.

1974 Mar.

In order to achieve the production rationalization and uniformity of quality, we establish the fully automatic duplex nickel microporous chromium plating apparatus.

1981 Feb.

We start the business of decorative plating at headquarters.

1983 Oct.

We create the research and development room in the technology department. And we introduce a scanning electron microscope, clean bench, pure water manufacturing equipment to advance the development of the plating process to new materials such as new ceramics, silicon wafer, high-performance glass, super engineering plastic etc.

1985 Mar.

We develop the plating process on alumina ceramics and promoted mass production.

1986 Feb.

We develop an electromagnetic wave shielding process by electroless plating. We adjust the mass production system in order to correspond to the regulation of US FCC, West Germany VDE, domestic VCCI. We succeed in the industrialization of the electromagnetic wave shielding plating for the personal computer.

1988 Oct.

We add a fully automatic plating line for electromagnetic shielding to correspond to increase orders.

1993 Apr.

We establish the chemical conversion treatment line to the magnesium alloy, and started mass production of the mug shield.

1994 Jul.

We establish the single-sided electroless shield plating line, and start mass production of OSS shield.

1996 Nov.

At the company 50th anniversary, Heikichi Ebina become the chairman, Noburo Ebina become the second president.

1997 Dec.

We introduce a fully automated line of non-chromium chemical conversion treatment to the magnesium alloy, and begin offering the Magusāfu 20.

1999 Aug.

We extend the line for electroless nickel – gold plating to correspond to increase demand for pattern plating onto the ceramic substrate.

1999 Nov.

ISOロゴWe acquire the certification of international standard ISO9001 of quality management system (QMS).
Authentication office: Head office

2000 Feb.

ISOロゴWe acquire the certification of international standard ISO14001 environmental management system (EMS).
Authentication office: Head office

2000 Jun.

We introduce an electron probe X-ray micro-analyzer (EPMA).

2002 Jul.

We build a technology center “Techno mark” in the former Kamata factory site. And we transfer to technical development group from November, for use as a research and development base for plating expert.

2003 Jan.

We introduce LECO’s glow discharge optical emission spectrometer (GDS) that can measure at the same time the elemental composition ratio and plating thickness in Techno mark for the first time in Japan.

2003 Jun.

We reduce the electromagnetic wave shield fully automatic plating equipment to manual, and introduce a metal substitute full-automatic plastic plating apparatus (meta-carbo shield plating process).

2004 Mar.

We introduce a X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) for surface modification analysis in the Techno mark.

2004 Sep.

We are awarded “The second courageous management awards, outstanding performance award”.

2005 Jan.

For nanotechnology research and development, we introduce a field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) that can observe fine particles of a few nanometers at 300,000 magnification.

2005 Jun.

We withdrew from the magnesium alloy chemical conversion treatment business, and newly establish the Advanced Technology Zone (AT zone) that can correspond to MEMS and fuel cells the field. It starts operation in December.

2006 Mar.

We are awarded “Manufacturing energetically for small and medium enterprises 300 companies”.

2008 Jul.

Former prime minister (at the time) Shinzo Abe Former prime minister (at the time) Shinzo Abe visited our company.

2009 Jun.

We introduce fully automatic plating line onto the thermal roller copiers.

2009 Aug.

We appeared on the TV program We appear on the TV program “Cumbria palace”, and introduce a variety of plating technology such as an electromagnetic wave shield plating and black plating etc.

2009 Dec.

Shinya Ebina become the third president.

2010 Aug.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan (at the time) visited our company. Prime Minister Naoto Kan (at the time) visits our company.

2010 Sep.

We complete the “second-Tech” building in the headquarters adjacent land for use as a base for prototype development.

2012 Feb.

We develop the black plating “SUGO-KURO”.

2012 Mar.

We start in the business of water quality antimicrobial system “AGXX”.

2013 Feb.

We start the contract analysis business.

2014 Apr.

We register in the “the tokyo next generation development support companies”, and we are promoting a work-life balance.

2014 Jun.

We start in the business of 3D wiring forming technology “3 Laser Metalization (3LM)”.

2014 Jul.

We appear on the TV program “Dawn of Gaia”.

2015 Mar.

We are awarded “Diversity Management 100 selection”.


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