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Environmental policy

This policy is attested by a board of directors, and environmental management is expressed as the first subject in the management of Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd is located in the Keihin industrial of Haneda area in Tokyo. It is important to do our duty of environmental preservation under the situation where an airport-related office, an apartment, and a municipal housing are built and located around here.

The main business of Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd is to develop surface treatment methods that add qualities on to metals, a plastics and ceramics, then suggesting the new technology to new products which the world needs, receiving the order of the surface preparation processing, finding a new market for the customer, and contributing to society.

All employees actively participate to achieve in reduction and recycling continuously with items that may give a significant effect on the environment due to its operations, since it has become a goal for our company in 1999.

Include the next items in it.

Actively develop a surface treatment method that cares for the environment and make it practical.

Reduce resources and chemical substances.

Reduction of waste

And, in the business activities of our company, the influence of water quality by chemicals and the influence of the bad odor to the workroom and the neighborhood etc may occur.

To prevent this Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd obey the relating regulations and make efforts in reducing pollution and the burden on the environment.

We inform all employees of this policy, and work actively to make goals for mid and long term target for the year which are drawn up based on this principle.

And this policy is exhibited to the general public by the Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.


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