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3 Laser Metalization

MID technology
“3 Laser Metalization”

3 Laser Metalization (3LM)
Sample offer: DAIEI Electronics Co., Ltd.

3 Laser Metalization (3LM) is a 3D wiring formation technology (MID technology) provided by our company. We are working primarily with LDS (Laser Direct Structuring).

Conventional two-dimensional wiring such as board and harness, has the problem of difficulties such as the electronic apparatus’s miniaturization and weight reduction, constraints of the product shape.By replacing the board and harness to “3 Laser Metalization”, we will achieve a substrate-less harnessless. Thereby, we can provide space saving, miniaturization, weight reduction, reduction of assembling steps, and the extension of the design.

We will respond to the request of thinning and weight reduction of products due to the high functionality of electronic equipment such as mobile terminals and automobiles, medical equipment etc.

Strong points

Realization of a substrate-less harnessless

Because we can form a direct line to the chassis of the product, it will be possible to reduce the number of parts by the substrate-less harness less. In addition, by eliminating the need to assemble and mount the substrate or the harness, it will also be possible to reduce the steps.

Sample offer: Gunze Co., Ltd.

Realization of miniaturization, weight reduction and space saving of the electronic apparatus

Since the substrate and the harness are not required, we can realize miniaturization, weight and space reduction of electronic equipment.

Extension of the design property by expansion of the design freedom

This technology enables the design that is not dependent to the shape of the substrate or the harness. It is ideal for design improvement of mobile terminal such as wearable equipment.



The LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) is a technique for forming a 3D wiring. This process is done by irradiating the area you want to achieve a wiring formation with a laser, the resin is a special resin material containing a metal catalyst. Then a 3d wiring formation is achieved after the plating process.

Simple manufacturing process

3D wiring can be formed by 4 simple manufacturing process that 1) injection molding, 2) laser activation, 3) metallization(plating), 4) assembly. We provide the process of 2) laser activation and 3) metallization(plating).

The LDS Process
Sample offer: DAIEI Electronics Co., Ltd.

Design rules

There are specified rules such as L / S and pattern radius, edge radius. Please refer to the details “here“.

LDS corresponding resin

For your application, we will propose the most suitable material such as polycarbonate (PC), PC / ABS, nylon, liquid crystal polymer (LCP) etc.


We propose to apply plating onto automotive parts, medical devices, wearable devices, portable terminal parts, digital camera etc.

Downsizing and weight reduction of wearable terminal

In the small-sized electronic products such as wearable terminals it is difficult to incorporate the board and harness. 3LM enables the wiring formation on the chassis itself. Therefore, it certainly can contribute to smaller and thinner, and also extend the freedom of design.

Wearable watch

Application to medical equipment

By applications such as miniaturization of medical camera etc, patient pain relief can be expected.

Weight reduction of automotive parts

It can be applied to the wiring formation of the electronic circuit of lighting such as automotive headlight, tail lamp etc. Therefore, it can contribute to the reduction in size and weight.


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